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This past December, Emily and I celebrated our 8th anniversary as a couple, but this time with fiancé status. We’ve already shared so many memories together, as our wedding approaches in July, so we thought what better way to record our time engaged, than with our very own VLOG! It has been so much fun sharing our memories, as we prepare for our life together, but now we would like to take the time to share with you, the story behind all the memories.

It all began at summer camp, at the age of eleven. What started as a summer crush, grew into a love of the person you cannot live without. Your soul mate, your best friend. The funny girl at camp with glasses, and who has to wear earplugs when she swims. The girl you write letters to, play foursquare with, and ask to dance at the camp party.

Summer camp came and went. High school happened, then college. We started dating, and our Love grew. We went to separate schools, and then I moved across the country. From Alabama to California, our distance was great, but our Love was greater. We wrote letters, that turned into text messages, that turned into emails, that turned into Face Time… our love knew no bounds.

Emily moved out to Los Angeles a couple years ago, for me. Our journey continued as a couple, and life started to get tough, but our Love inspired us to be better. Far away from family and friends, we pursued our future with fiery hearts.

Our engagement was unexpected. It wasn’t planned, but I’ve never felt more confident in my life, than to ask the woman of dreams, to be my wife. It all happened the week we received the tragic news of my Grandmother passing away. This occurrence was more meaningful than I imagined, because of the loving relationship Emily and me had with my Grandmother, Wilma. Our arrival in Eufaula, AL was the first realization of the Love I had in my life, family. It was the night before my Grandmother’s funeral, and my Godfather got to meet Emily for the first time. And with the combination of Emily’s charm, my Godfather’s relentless endorsement, and cocktails, I started to consider the inevitable. I remained poised, and asked my father to go for a walk. During our walk, I confessed my intentions of proposal, which was received by his validating fist pump. I didn’t know when I was going to ask Emily to marry me. That weekend, that month, or that year, I just knew, I was ready.

I’ll never forget the moment it happened. We were greeting the small town guests at the funeral service, paying their respects to a Lady of Eufaula. I turned to see Emily receiving thanks and blessings from the line of patrons, with the rest of my family. Then, I saw her as someone who was not my girlfriend anymore. She was the person who I wanted to claim as my wife, and begin the rest of my life. This was the second realization of Love I had in my life. The invested affection, that only time can give, spending it in a relationship. I forever owe my Grandmother Wilma this moment. For her loving influence, I was able to celebrate her life, and share the celebration of my new life.

We moved down to the dining hall after the service for the reception. I was taken by the third realization of Love, romance. With great strategy, I avoided Emily and the prying eyes of my sister. I revealed my intentions to my Godfather, and with the covert maneuvers by my Dad, we headed to the jewelry store. Emily’s father had just undergone knee surgery. Of course, I had to call him. Thanks to Face Time and the influence of modern medicine, I received his blessing. Time was racing, my heart was beating, but we found the ring. We told the family we’d meet them back at the lake house, but we needed champagne.  Thanks to the horsepower of my Godfather’s sports car, three stops looking for champagne came and went, as we arrived at the lake house before everyone else. I had time to rehearse my thoughts, everything was happening.

Emily arrived at the lake house, and wanted to change clothes. I politely asked her to stay dressed, then asked her to go for a walk. I made sure to pass the ‘beware alligators’ sign, as we walked around the lake of Eufaula, AL. Emily playfully joked that I should propose, causing my stomach to remove itself from my body. An indescribable drive pushed me to make this moment happen, as we walked down to the end of the dock. I got down on one knee, as Emily gasped in disbelief. I repeat, she did not believe this was actually happening. She said “yes”, confessing her worry about stealing Grandmother Wilma’s adoration for that day. I assured her, it was meant to be.

Our arrival back into the lake house was acknowledged by my Godfather grinning, “what’ve you kids been up to?” I held Emily’s hand and replied, “I just asked Emily to be my wife.”

We celebrated. In honor of a mother’s love, may it forever spread. I want to acknowledge Emily’s mother here, because I’ve never been able to meet her. She passed away when Emily was three, and the character and family values that my fiancé represents is truly remarkable. Upon the arrival of our wedding day, let us celebrate in honor of those who will be missed, with memories of Love.

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