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LA Bridal – Los Angeles Wedding & Bridal Guide

LA Bridal, the premier provider of wedding and bridal information in the Los Angeles area, is the fourth bridal guide in a line of successful guides printed by Norcal Publishing. Our company also produces local community guides, chamber of commerce publications, East Bay Bridal, Penninsula Bridal, and South Bay Bridal.

LA Bridal – Providing Comprehensive Wedding Information

The goal of all our publications is to become the most comprehensive source of information for the local communities we serve. Our Websites and Publications are intended as a way for local residents to support local businesses and as away for local businesses to market cost effectively to their communities. We encourage residents to pickup our publications or visit our website and to “SHOP LOCAL” whenever they have the opportunity.

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We hope you’ll use our publications or visit the LA Bridal website often. If you would like additional information on our company please contact us by phone on 562-496-0694 or email us at