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Layers Upon Layers

From buttercream to whipped cream and from devil’s food to red velvet, there are an abundance of options to make any cake the focal point of the wedding. Having a unique and delectable wedding cake will make a sweet impression on all of your family and friends. A wedding cake should not only be eye-catching; it should also satisfy the sweet tooth of all your guests. In order to assure that your cake will be ready for your wedding date, you should check with your bakery to see how much notice is needed to complete the order on time. Based on the availability of the bakery, notice can range anywhere from a few moths to a full year.

The fall season offers beautiful colors and foliage to spruce up any wedding cake idea. Whether it be an elegant or rustic, indoor or outdoor wedding, the style of the cake can link any fall themed wedding together. I have included some fall themed wedding cakes to provide some ideas as to what is popular this fall season.

Edible Foliage on Wedding Cakes

Nature and the fall season go hand in hand. During fall, leaves are at their brightest and branches are at their longest, so why not add them to the wedding cake. Branches on the right spots can look as if they are cascading down the cake. You can even place acorns, pumpkins, and individual leaves to give the cake a nature quality.

Cake Placed on a Tree Stump

If you choose to keep it simple with the cake design, but would still like to incorporate the fall season, you can place the wedding cake on top of a thinly cut tree stump. If you are having cupcakes instead of a cake, you can place them on tiers made out of tree stumps as well.

Ombre Cake

An easy way to incorporate the fall colors is to create an ombre effect on the wedding cake. Start with the lightest color on top and transition to the darkest on the bottom or vice versa.

Wedding Cake as a Tree

To tie in the fall season, you can make your cake look like a tree. If you would like to personalize it, include the bride and groom’s initials to look as if they are carved on the bark of a tree.

Wedding Pies

An easy alternative to a cake is pies. Salted caramel pies, pumpkin pies, caramel apple pies, and pecan pies are a few of the favorites for the fall season.

branch   tree stump ombre    initials pies

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