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Tying the Harvest Knot

Written by: Brittney McClendon

As the leaves begin to change color, and pumpkin patches spring up on street corners, one can see that the fall season is quickly approaching. Halloween and Thanksgiving are two holidays that indisputably take place during the fall. One can argue that the fall season offers some of the best weather, scenery, and backdrops for a beautiful seasonal wedding.

Theme, decor, and venue are all essential parts to planning a seasonal wedding. You cannot have one without the other, and usually, when you figure out one part, such as venue, the other parts will fall into place. The color palette can make a big impact on the theme. Your colors are an element that help tie the theme of the wedding together. Some colors that are popular for fall weddings are chocolate, orange, purple, red, and cream. Whether it be the bridesmaid’s dresses, the flowers or the table decor, darker earthy tones are most prominent.

If you choose to have a fall wedding, you can go the indoor elegant route or the outdoor rustic option. Either way, the elements of the fall season can appear in both types of weddings. Those who choose indoor weddings can decide to go with bold centerpieces such as candelabras and extravagant leave pieces in order to incorporate the fall season. Those who choose to have their wedding outside already have the environment to give their wedding that rustic feel. Bold floral stem arches are in demand for outdoor ceremonies, as well as countryside  harvest settings. Candles in mason jars provide a great visual at any table for that natural rustic vibe. Pumpkins and haystacks can also be a part of the decor while still keeping the wedding sophisticated and refined. Colors, flowers, and decor can make any wedding scream fall.

With all of the different ideas and tastes, every wedding is different and unique.The fall season offers a lot of decor options, and it can be easy to overwhelm your wedding with everything fall, so make sure to add your personal touches and individual preferences to create the wedding of your dreams.

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